Here’s My Sign – by Dan Davis
Television Host of  “AAA Presents High Roads with Dan Davis”

I’ve always liked signs.  I especially liked this sign which caught me by surprise when I was driving through Kayenta a couple of years ago.  We had just finished doing the Good Morning Arizona show on Lake Powell and the Hampton Inn’s manager knew we’d be passing by on our way to Flagstaff.

Phillip Waring also likes signs, so when he told me about this book and asked me to write the foreword, I naturally said, “Sign me up!”  A predictable pun perhaps, but the enthusiasm was real.

Phillip has not only put together a fun and fascinating book, but in many ways this is a history book, taking us on a nostalgic ride to what Arizona once was, but also, driving us into the present where we literally see the signs of the times.  Enjoy.