Adopt-A-Highway Program

Helping to keep Arizona’s roads clean and beautiful for over 20 years! ADOT has an Adopt a Highway Program that allows you to adopt a highway as a Volunteer or through a Maintenance Provider as a Sponsor.

Adopting a highway provides an avenue for individuals, organizations, or businesses to help maintain sections of roadside within the Arizona State Highway System.

Volunteer groups adopt a two mile section along available State, Interstate, or United States highway. Groups sign up by completing a two year permit application. We generally ask that groups perform cleanups three to four times each year. Members of the Adopt a Highway Volunteer Program should be volunteers and not paid to pick up litter. Groups can partner with other volunteer groups, but may not pay another group or company to pick up litter.

ADOT will provide safety training, trash bags, and two signs to be used at each end of the adopted section. Signs will ONLY be installed once a cleanup activity is completed. If safety vests are not available from ADOT, the volunteer group must purchase them. Washable safety vests can be obtained from local vendors.

To become an Adopt a Highway Sponsor, professional maintenance and marketing organizations provide litter removal service at no cost to the State by obtaining corporate sponsorships to fund their operations. Three to five thousand bags of trash and debris are removed from the Valley freeway system in Phoenix every month. Sponsorships are available in Prescott, Tucson, Phoenix, Yuma, and Flagstaff. The sponsorship areas are generally in one direction, in two mile increments. Multiple areas may be sponsored by the same company as long as they are not adjacent to one another. Members of the Sponsor Program receive one recognition panel, produced by the Maintenance Provider. Source: ADOT

Route 66 Marker

Route 66 is the enigmatic and historical road that used to stretch from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California. With much of the road replaced by Interstate Highways, Route 66 still exists across parts of northern Arizona. This particular section is near I-10 and the Painted Desert.