Jerry’s Drive-In Liquors

Tempe, Arizona. With its colossal teal-and-white sign and red flashing marquee arrow, Jerry’s Liquors is like a time warp back to the days of bobby socks and bubblegum music — complete with all the booze and none of the social responsibility. Its location just across the street from the ASU Main campus ensures a huge selection and college-cheap prices. Source: Phoenix New Times

Hideaway Grill

Someplace in Cave Creek, Arizona. Those ready to put more mileage on the odometer should head for this world-famous destination, which lists its location as “somewhere in Cave Creek, AZ.” It’s actually right on the town’s main drag and hard to miss, with hundreds of bikes in the dirt lot. This friendly spot boasts outdoor seating for a view of the hardware and riders as they arrive. Try a “Specialty Melt” sandwich. Then have Grizzly sew one of several hundred patches onto your jacket or vest. Source: MetroMix

Greasewood Flat

Scottsdale, Arizona. The Cavalliere family was one of the first to settle in Scottsdale, before the town’s incorporation. They still own and run Scottsdale’s oldest continuous business, the historic Cavalliere Blacksmith Shop in Old Town, founded in 1909. George “Doc” Cavalliere II purchased Reata Pass in the fifties and proceeded to add on to the western “town” as an event would require. Three generations of graceful Cavalliere ornamental ironwork accent the various inside as well as the patio and cookout areas outside. Rusty western relics collected by the family over the years, such as branding irons and spurs, hang in scores from the rafters and walls here and the family’s sister cowboy bar next door, Greasewood Flat. Source:

Buffalo Chip Saloon

Cave Creek, Arizona. It all started in 1951, the now famous Buffalo Chip Saloon has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings as a feed and bait shop along the way to Bartlett and Horseshoe Lakes. The original building was only 800 square feet on about 2/3rds of an acre. Today it has grown to encompass 5 acres and over 6,000 square feet and has become one of the most authentic dance halls and saloons in the country. Source: The Buffalo Chip

Bird Cage Saloon

Prescott, Arizona. The Bird Cage Saloon is one of the most long-lived bars on Whiskey Row, or in all of Prescott for that matter, established in 1967. The saloon gets its name from the collection of mounted birds displayed in cases throughout the bar. This collection is a small percentage of the total Stamm bird collection, some of which is displayed at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. Source: The Bird Cage Saloon

Bayhorse Tavern

Tucson, Arizona. With its ramshackle sign and battered front door, the Bay Horse looks like a place God forgot. But the folks wanting to kick back, eat Tombstone pizza and have a few brews—or schnapps, of which there is an amazing assortment—remember it daily. A longtime neighborhood fixture, the bar typically attracts the usual great mix of folks that good dive bars tend to. The only requirement is you leave your pretentions behind. Source: MetroMix

10-12 Lounge

Clarkdale, Arizona. Located in downtown Clarkdale Arizona, we are an upscale lounge for those who would like to enjoy a drink, some entertainment and a pleasant atmosphere. We also have a large outdoor patio area with cool shade in the summer and heaters for the cold months.

The 10-12 Lounge has been in the same location since 1959, but we did a complete rebuild and the new interior is nothing like the previous one. Comfortable leather seating, a beautiful bar, large screen televisions, and cozy booths await you. Source: 10-12 Lounge