Visionary sign companies have elevated communication to a visual art form. With appreciation for the thought, emotion and inspiration that gifted people have put into creating great signs, Signs of Arizona is a historical photo book showing authentic signs found all over Arizona.

Frequent visitors and residents alike will recognize signs from Holbrook, Sedona,Tucson, Ash Fork, Jerome, Cave Creek and of course, Phoenix, Arizona.

Highway historian, itinerant minister and author, Phillip Waring, has driven more than 750,000 miles all over Arizona, snapping and collecting 1000′s of photos of the most unique and attention-getting signs found throughout The Copper State. Government signs, billboards, church signs, ancient signs, business signs, monument signs and home-made signs make Signs of Arizona a fun book to read.

You are welcome to comment about the signs as well as submit your own sign photos and stories. You can also submit a photo of your personalized Arizona license plate (your sign), hopefully with an explanation.

Signs of Arizona is grateful to The Arizona Historical Advisory Commission for naming it an official Arizona Centennial Legacy Project. This historic designation includes Arizona’s only authorized 2012 Arizona Centennial Calendar.