Signs of ArizonaWelcome to Signs of Arizona!
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 An Official Arizona Centennial Legacy Project

“Signs are made to provoke logical, emotional, or physical responses. They’re about giving directions, offering suggestions, and often answering the proverbial question, ‘Where am I?’

“One of the notable things about good signs is that they are like old friends. Sometimes they amuse or confuse, but eventually, they become familiar, make us smile, and they welcome us back to some of our greatest memories.

“The best signs are like voiceless faces; honest, full of expression, and character. If done properly, signs are alluring and timeless, as this developing collection clearly demonstrates.”  Phillip Waring

In 2012, the Arizona Centennial Year, we enjoyed looking back a few miles with smiles. If you don’t recognize some of these signs, hunt for them! They can become part of your great Arizona memories, too.

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