Signs of Arizona
Signs of Arizona

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Signs of Arizona – An Official Arizona Centennial Legacy Project

Signs of Arizona: More Than Meets the Eye

Signs of Arizona are not merely practical markers along our journeys; they are enchanting catalysts that have the power to evoke a symphony of thoughts and emotions within us. These unassuming sentinels are not limited to providing mere directions; they are purveyors of suggestions and often possess the mystical key to unlocking the age-old question that lingers in our minds: “Where am I?”

What distinguishes truly exceptional signs in Arizona is their remarkable capacity to evolve into cherished companions over time. Initially, they may intrigue us with their enigmatic allure or momentarily bewilder us with their cryptic messages. However, as the seasons change and the years roll by, these signs become ingrained in our memories. They hold the extraordinary ability to elicit smiles and, like old friends, warmly embrace us in the comforting nostalgia of days gone by. Signs of Arizona

The crème de la crème of signs share a quality akin to the most expressive faces, yet they do so silently. They wear their honesty, expressiveness, and unique character like a badge of honor. When meticulously crafted, signs possess an enduring allure, an ageless charm that transcends the boundaries of time and captivates the beholder. You’ll find evidence of this timeless allure beautifully showcased in the ever-evolving collection we present. — Phillip Waring


In the year 2012, during the grand Arizona Centennial celebrations, we embarked on a delightful journey through the annals of history. It was a journey that spanned just a few miles, yet it carried us far back in time, along the winding roads of memory. There, we rediscovered the Signs of Arizona that once defined an era, painting vivid pictures of days long past. To those unfamiliar with these signposts of nostalgia, we extend an invitation: embark on a treasure hunt to seek them out. These signs, like lost treasures, possess the potential to become integral parts of your own trove of treasured Arizona memories. They are the threads with which you can weave new stories into the rich tapestry of the past, breathing life into forgotten moments and making the present all the more magical.